Quality Bison Story

As I walked through the glowing door, a strange thing happened as a vaccum like force pulled me through. I was gobsmacked at the beauty of this place. From what I could see it looked like the great plains of America.

There were hills as far as the eye could see! The grass covering these hills would sway to the right, because of a sudden gust of wind every few minutes. "Aghh, it feels good to be home", I shouted, an American.

At this point I was feeling a slight uneasyness towards the whole kafaffule.

A few seconds ago I was a lonely peasent boy in Britain, looking in King George's wardrobe for some warm clothes.....

Then all of a sudden I am here..... IN AMERICA!

Just as I was thinking of my predictament I put my hand over my ear, and began to hear a slight ramble.

"De den de den de den de den. Whats that"? I yelled in a posh manner.

The sound was now..... The sound was now getting louder "De den de den de den de den de den" It sounded like an earthtremor!

I then decided to head over to one of the green pastures. I saw these horns emerge from the other side of the hill. As it continued I began to see the rest of the body e.g. the torso then the rear.

"I absolutely love bisons"!

  1. Do you now decide to hug the bison.
  2. Or barrel roll to the side, Lylat Wars style.